Established over a decade ago SABS  has been the leading SAP Training provider for a wide range of organizations and individuals . The company has spent a long time in innovating, refining and fine tuning its offerings to suit the needs of students, professionals, and employers. Our suite of SAP S4HANA education programs encompasses every kind of learner – from a person taking the first step into the world of SAP, to a student seeking a specialized career, to a professional gaining cutting-edge technology skills.

Our in-depth knowledge, industry domain experience, and business processes are effectively used to provide training and solutions that result in measurable value for our clients.

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We believe in Challenge motivated learning

We engage a unique approach to our Internship program, which we call the project knowledge program, its designed to maximize the learning effectiveness and also accelerates the development process of an individual. Our approach begins with the clear definition of business challenges an organization faces. From these challenges, scenarios are derived that give opportunities for learners to face each challenge as they would in the workplace.

Our methodology is to provide a learning environment that is relevant to the specific job tasks and responsibilities of each intended audience group but also is engaging and interactive at the same time. We provide learning support platforms, which include presentations, demonstrations; examples reference materials that help learners work through each scenario.

Finally, we define an adapted learning environment to determine the optimal blend of instructor-led and self-paced delivery methods, timing and tracking the progress. This approach results in learning capabilities that accelerate the participant to discover the realistic context and apply the same when they start working as a consultant

Innovative training approach

Our in-depth knowledge, industry domain experience and business processes are effectively used to provide innovative training solutions that result in measurable value for our clients.

Guaranteed work experience

Our internship program helps you gain hands-on industry knowledge. An excellent way to develop the right skills and professionalism needed for a successful SAP job placement.

Guaranteed Placement Assistance

 Our network of partner companies helps us to leverage our association and bring you the best placements. From CV building to the interview process, our recruitment team guides you step by step to secure your first SAP job.

Why Choose Us

SABS caters to Professioal SAP S4HANA Training and Internships. Noticeably each Session is conducted by our Industry experienced and SAP Global Certified Consultants.

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